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The education provisions of the Mckinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act were designed to protect the educational rights of children and youth experiencing homelessness.  If your family is currently residing at a temporary address and it is due to loss of housing or economic hardship, you may meet the requirements that will qualify your child for services available through the Mckinney-Vento program.  
If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties with secure housing due to situations such as economic hardship or domestic violence, please click here to fill out this short form so that the district McKinney-Vento Liaison is able to contact you and provide assistance. 
Important Provisions of the Act:
  • Immediate Enrollment - The right to be enrolled immediately in school without immunization or academic records and a birth certificate.  
  • Choice of Schools - A student who is displaced or experiencing homelessness has two choices when deciding which school to attend:  (1)  The school of origin, which is the school the student attended when he or she became homeless (2)  The school zone in which the student is currently residing. 
  • Transportation - Students who are displaced or in homeless situations are entitled to transportation to and from the school of origin if feasible and it is (1) in the best interest of the student (2) requested by the parent, guardian, or unaccompanied youth.
  • Services - Students experiencing homelessness are entitled to the same programs and services available to other students in the district such as tutorials and interventions, career and technology courses, services for students that are English language learners, and special education services. 
  • Dispute Resolution - If problems arise between the school and parents or between districts, the parent shall be referred to the school's homeless liaison.  In the meantime, the student must be immediately enrolled, or if enrolled, remain in school and receive transportation pending the outcome of the of the dispute resolution process.  
We are committed to serving our students and families experiencing displacement and difficult transitions.  Should you need additional assistance or information, please contact the school district's McKinney-Vento Liaison at 325-653-3200 or email [email protected] 
Resolution Procedures for Students & Families in Transition
Subtitle VII-B, Section 722(g)(3)  of the McKinney-Vento Act provides the following guidance regarding enrollment disputes:  (1) Should a dispute arise over school selection or enrollment the student must be immediately admitted to the school which they are seeking enrollment [Sec. 722(g)(3)(E)(i)],(2) The parent or guardian must be provided with a written explanation of the school's decision on the dispute including the right to appeal [Sec. 722(g)(3)(E)(ii)], (3) The parent/guardian/student should be referred to the school district's liaison who will carry out the state's grievance procedure as expeditiously as possible after receiving notice of the dispute [Sec. 722(g)(3)(E)(iii)], (4)  in the case of an unaccompanied youth, the homeless liaison shall ensure that the youth is immediately enrolled in school pending resolution of the dispute [Sec. 722(g)(3)(E)(iv)].  
If eligibility, enrollment or placement disputes or complaints arise regarding the education of homeless children and youth the district recommends that: the person having the complaint first contact the school or district to present concerns to the school representatives closest to the situation that will most likely be able to resolve the concern quickly and effectively.
Upon determination of eligibility, enrollment or school placement for homeless students that conflict with the wishes of the parent/guardian or student involved are required to provide notice of the determination in writing to all parties, along with instructions on how to appeal the decision. Students are entitled to remain in their school of choice until the appeal process has reached completion.


FAQ and Guidance

English Learner Guidance (TELPAS and LPAC) (PDF) April 17 2020


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TEA COVID-19 Tips for Families of English Learners - April 21 2020 - English (PDF), Spanish (PDF), Vietnamese (PDF)


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