Superintendent Ledbetter Addresses Safety & Security Going Into School Year



Dear Texas Leadership and Trinity Leadership Parents,

This letter is intended to address our safety and security situation, district-wide. It is unthinkable that schools have been targeted and lives tragically taken by criminals. Children, young adults, and educational staff should never have to worry about being safe at school.

We have and are continuing with steps to increase the safety and security of our campuses. During the summer each campus in our district completed and passed, with minimal issues, state-required safety and security audits. All minor observations were quickly corrected and completion timelines were established.

In addition to state audits being completed, we have taken many additional steps to increase the safety and security of our campuses. Many of our facilities already have vestibules at the office entry points, additional cameras, communication devices at entry points, alarm systems, and other security measures. These things increase the physical security of our campuses and other measures are in process.

As you can imagine, schools across the country are also working toward the same goal of strengthening physical security. This has caused issues with supply chains and associated costs. Regardless of these challenges, there are other mechanisms we have or are in the process of putting into place. We fully intend to protect and defend our students, teachers, and other employees to our fullest extent.

There are parts of our plan or processes that will not be disclosed in this letter. Our campus administrators can answer additional questions or concerns you may have. Please keep in mind that they may not know things such as timelines.

You may experience new procedure(s) and may be asked to do things differently than you have in the past. We hope that you will all support those changes and make adjustments with us as we take safety and security to a new level.

Thank you for choosing Texas Leadership and Trinity Leadership Schools! We look forward to a safe and healthy 2022/2023 school year.



Ron Ledbetter

Superintendent of Schools