New Guardian Campus Signage - Safety & Security



Dear Texas and Trinity Leadership Parents and Guardians,

You will see, or may have already seen that new signage is being installed on our campuses that communicates implementation of the Guardian Program. This is a state program that gives school districts the ability to protect staff and students. In August, our Superintendent, Ron Ledbetter, issued a letter to both our Texas and Trinity Leadership communities where he addressed the safety and security measures of our campuses. 

“We have and are continuing with steps to increase the safety and security of our campuses. …there are other mechanisms we have or are in the process of putting into place. We fully intend to protect and defend our students, teachers, and other employees to our fullest extent.”

The state of Texas has asked all public school campuses to “harden their targets.” There are many ways we are accomplishing that, to include non-lethal measures. Our campuses are united throughout the district with practices and training for real-world and real-time scenarios. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct those to your campus principal or you may contact [email protected] .


Committed to Safety,


Rebecca Eldredge

District Emergency Management Coordinator

Texas Leadership Public Schools