Social Media Safety


Dear Families,


If you are joining us from one of the following campuses: TLCA San Angelo, TLCA Midland, TLCA Abilene or Trinity Leadership (Arlington or Cedar Hill), we have re-directed your page back to our District Site. Welcome, and we hope this information is helpful to you!




At Texas Leadership Public Schools, we know that Social Media is a daily part of life for many. It allows us to communicate quickly, share parts of our lives, and get to document what is happening… all in real time. It allows us to engage on multiple platforms and many different “apps.” So it’s no surprise that Social Media is here to stay. However, we also know that occasionally surprises can pop up. This is where we want to help equip our parents, guardians and families with the latest news and information on technology in order to help keep our kids SAFE.


We have included links to other websites you might find helpful, as well as information about apps that are out there. As always, we encourage our families to stay connected to Teachers, Counselors and Principals. If you ever feel that your family needs additional support, know that we are HERE for you.


Let's get started! We have some guides for you below with helpful information about topics such as: Social Media Pressure, and how Social Media can impact Mental Health.



We want to say a special thank you to for their guides. They have poured time into research with the goal of making the internet a safer place for children. They equip school staff, parents and children with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers and how best to react should an incident arise.





Below are several sites that give parents & guardians resources to check out at your convenience. Have a site that you feel needs to be added to our list? Feel free to send that to: [email protected]


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