Founder & CEO

Walt Landers is a well-known San Angelo community figure who has dedicated his life to serving others. With a background in construction and commercial building, he quickly found his true calling in ministry and education. He served as a pastor in Central Texas for several years before returning to San Angelo in 1997 to lead the Tree of Life Church, now known as The Life Church. Under his leadership, the church has experienced tremendous growth and has built new facilities to accommodate its growing membership.


In 2009, Walt founded Texas Leadership Public School (TLCA), the first charter school in San Angelo, which serves around 3,500 students and 500 employees in five cities across the state. With a deep commitment to improving lives, Walt's ultimate goal is to shape and mold the future leaders of tomorrow through quality education and leadership training.


Walt's servant's heart and dedication to his community are unparalleled, and he has made a lasting impact through his work in both ministry and education. He is married to JoAnn Landers, has a son, three daughters, and three grandchildren, and continues to inspire those around him with his leadership and selflessness.