Dress Code

Texas Leadership Public Schools' Board of Directors has implemented a mandatory dress code for all
students. There are many positive reasons for a school dress code, including:
  • A dress code encourages students to express their individuality through personality and
    academic achievements, not outward appearances.
  • A dress code puts the focus on academics, not fashion, because they project a neat, serious,
    businesslike image.
  • Schools with dress codes have fewer discipline problems because students are less distracted.
  • Dress codes can be less expensive.
  • Dress codes eliminate the visible differences between financially challenged and wealthy
  • Dress codes eliminate pressure to wear brand name clothing, "gang colors," etc.
  • Dress codes create a sense of school pride and belonging.
Uniform Requirements
Texas Leadership is a school of choice that requires students to wear uniforms. Student uniforms make a
statement that students belong to a unique school environment with a strong commitment to educational excellence.
The uniqueness of the student does not rest in the apparel they wear, but in the inner qualities and gifts of the student.
All students are required to attend each school day in full uniform.
Uniforms are to be worn from the first day of school through the last day of school. In order to minimize loss and
simplify identification, all clothing should be labeled with the student’s name.
Texas Leadership polo shirts must be purchased from campus offices or the TLPS online store.

Solid color: royal blue, black, or white Texas Leadership polo shirt with school logo on the front.
Solid desert sand or khaki, solid black, or solid gray in color
All lower-body clothing should be made of twill, corduroy, or denim material.
Girls should not wear “form-fitting” pants that are excessively tight or stretchy.
Girls may wear solid khaki, black or gray skirts that are at least KNEE LENGTH.
Jogger, carpenter, cargo, cargo shorts or painter pants are not allowed.
Shorts are allowed in KG-4th grade and must be fingertip length.
Shorts are allowed in 5th-12th grade and must be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
Campus administration has final determination if pants are acceptable or not.

Outerwear is defined as sweaters, pullovers, jackets, or coats that are designed to be worn OVER
other clothing. Texas Leadership uniform shirts must be worn under all outerwear.
Hoods may not be worn in the building at any time.
Any OFFICIAL Texas Leadership outerwear (letter jacket, sweatshirt) is acceptable.
Any other outerwear must meet certain criteria:
  • It must fit within the color scheme of the TLPS uniform.
  • The only acceptable colors for outerwear would be black, white, gray, royal blue, navy blue, and khaki.
White, black, khaki, gray, or navy socks or tights.
Undershirts must be solid white, black, khaki, navy or royal blue without a logo and tucked in.
White, black, khaki, navy or royal blue turtleneck sweaters may be layered underneath the uniform and tucked in.
Belts must be solid black, brown, white or khaki in color with a small standard belt buckle. Belts and pants must be worn at the natural waist.

Tennis/athletic shoes, dress shoes, and boots are acceptable.
Laces can be colored to match the shoe color, but both laces must be the same

The following are examples of unacceptable footwear:
  • Sandals
  • Flip-flops or shower shoes
  • Crocs
  • Wheeled shoes
  • Light up shoes
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Shoes with more than 1" heels or boots with more than 2" heels.
  • Shoes must have both closed toe and closed heels.
Spirit Days Jeans
Students should wear only blue denim jeans or regular uniform pants
There should be no printed logos or emblems on jeans.
There should be no rips, holes, defects or skids in jeans.
Jeans must be worn in a proper manner at the natural waist.
Spirit Day Shirts
A spirit shirt purchased from athletic or campus organizations or a uniform shirt is allowed.
There should be no rips, holes, defects or skids in spirit shirts.
Girls may wear denim skirts on Spirit Day that are at least KNEE LENGTH.
All spirit wear is subject to campus principal or administrative approval.
No one is permitted to wear earrings anywhere on their bodies except the ear.
Nose rings are not permitted. However, modest studs may be worn. No piercings are allowed in
the septum.
Ear gauges, plugs and tunnels are not permitted
Jewelry may not represent or contain inappropriate content as determined by campus administration.
All allowed jewelry is at the discretion of the campus administration.
Uniform infractions will be handled by campus administration
If a violation can be corrected (e.g., holes in jeans), it will be corrected and the student will be sent back to class.
If a violation requires a change of clothes, the student will remain in the office or In School
Suspension (ISS) until the violation is corrected. Once the violation is corrected, the student will be sent back to class.
Repeated occurrences will be considered insubordination and may require additional disciplinary action.
Basic dress code requirements:
A parent may be required to bring a change of clothing for any child wearing an item of clothing that the principal finds to be inappropriate or that interferes with the learning environment.
Hats, caps, shower caps, sweatbands, and beanies will not be worn inside any classroom or building during the school day.
Only girls may wear headbands that coordinate with their TLPS uniform.